Hurray! It's our annual Spring Sale!

Order during our spring sale and have your shed built and ready for installation as soon as roads aren't posted and your project site is ready! 

We're offering discounts off the solar installation by us and the building cost by Backyard Buildings (our Amish partner), including selected materials like windows, doors, etc. on the first FIVE contracted sheds only.

Click "Order Now" to send us an email that you're interested in our spring sale!

Terms and conditions

  • To qualify for the spring sale discount, all projects must be under contract and have received a deposit by 4 pm on 5/30/2024. There are no exceptions. The project deposit is 1/3 of the Upright Energy contract amount and 30% of the Backyard Buildings Shed order value.
  • Once projects are contracted, the equipment is ordered, and the second 1/3 of the Upright Energy contract amount is due.
  • Substantial Completion of all Maine Solar Sheds is when they are completed and deliverable. At this time, the final payment to Upright Energy for the solar installation is due, and the building is due. All completed Maine Solar Sheds will be stored at Backyard Buildings until they can be delivered.
  • Project installations are prioritized by order of contract completion date.
  • Pricing is based on current 2024 pricing and costs.
  • Sale ends May 1 at 4 pm

Discount exclusions: 

  • Delivery: pricing is variable based on delivery location.
  • Groundwork construction, pad building, trenching, etc.
  • Electrical Installation on site.
  • Previously provided quotes.